Season’s Greeting

Hello, Lonely Archaeologist is Rose Santilli, a grad student at  university studying a master’s degree in archaeology with a special interest in tourism, gothic archaeology as a study and dark sites. The above was taken at the SA Museum’s Night Lab where the dolphin skeletons seemed to have swam from Hades and were there to reap souls. Maybe I need to lay off the Hills cider during nights at the museum!

Rose isn’t a qualified archaeologist (yet) but does hold an Honours degree in English (and the really important bit, vampires).  Rose was curséd stereotype last year and fell down a rabbit hole, met Alice (really I met Alice!) and discovered non-traditional archaeology and tourism that appeals to her darker sense of the world. Currently Rose has a Facebook page, The Lonely Archaeology and will be posting in this blog about her adventures when the summer university break is over. She is a huge fan of the SA Museum, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Doctor Who.