Working, not for the money.

imageThe whole of the next weekend will see me in full grad student mode (so check out the Lonely Archaeologist FB page for interesting reading) and I find it’s times like this I get frustrated with my schooling, want to throw away my diary planner and just to look at pictures of pyramids in pyjamas and binge watch Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1 in my bed all day. But without the fundamental skills one gets learning how a cultural heritage charter works by doing projects or how to plan a project and actually writing a CHM proposal for an imaginary project right down to the budget, none of the excavation or surveys will ever get done. It’s not a magic process and is important as learning how stone tools are made or whatever rescue dig the Time Team repeat is doing in the UK!

This morning, I’ll be hopping up quite soon to get ready for the day, run a quick errand or two and head on to the university library to study for the day. This is the very unglamorous side of archaeology you don’t see on television, how much the researchers read (about multiple projects and I’m only doing 2) and the odd hours they keep so they can continue working as archaeologists as well as teaching students as the next generation of archaeologists. They don’t particularly care if a student doesn’t show up to class but the majority of my teachers always have made time to help me with my projects and not leave a student behind if the student works hard. To get good grades in archaeology, you put in the hours at the desk as well as the trench.


I will be heading in to write up a paper proposal I’ve been privileged enough to submit on a passion of mine, archaeologists in Torchwood and Doctor Who. Then afterwards I’ll catch up on two lectures from tourism classes I missed due to mystery pain. Then it’s home to try and work on yet another CHM assignment before heading to the Blues festival at the Old Gaol tomorrow with family. I see these going to local events just as much as studying tourism as leisure and feel like you don’t really experience a subject unless you put in the leg work. But not too much leg work because Monday brings another week of uni and more archaeology.

TL/DR: Doing archaeology is not about glamour or money, there’s lots of  reading and you’ll have to do it most weekends. Okay it’s not glamorous unless you’re River Song!







Author: lonelyarchaeologist

I'm an archaeology grad student with an interest in gothic archaeology, tragedy tourism and dark sites. Most of my friends don't appreciate my interests so I've taken it into my own hands and I'm going I've established this blog to chronicle my solo adventures and hopefully give you a look behind the scenes at cultural heritage and the local arts.

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