Flags of a different kind.

Don’t Sue Me…

Those who know me well would argue this logo, property of the BBC, could serve as my flag and the international community of Whovians I belong to. We are referred to a pop cult fandom ang it’s not accidental. Many of us have versions of it on t-shirts, shower curtains, multiple TARDIS bedspreads, a cookie jar and a journal, a pocket watch of the evil adversary and that’s just me. Also I do a very good wench from the SCA (hi guys)  and that’ll come into play later – don’t trust the woman in the blue, she’s the devious Magdalena of my 20s! She had more fun than I ever really did.

Recently in Adelaide, some white douche-bros decided to attack a lady for a piece of fabric on her head and a guy who also liked wearing fabric on his head from a pop culture group threatened retaliatory violence because that will totally work on fixing inter-religious fighting and racism. I mean really guys, are you moronic cybermen arguing with the Daleks and this wasn’t even Doctor Who or an argument on Eccleston vs T-Baker as the best Time Lord. You’re all wrong, it’s Missy, duh!

So I decided to start a protest that a piece of fabric was just that until you take intangible meanings and turn that scarf into an object. What’s the difference to an object and a thing? According to Ian Hodder, in a system of entanglement, a thing is just exists, objects create snares in interrelated systems. The headscarf that woman had been wearing for whatever reason she had decided to, had become an object and I decided to use my process as a way to reverse it and show that fabric scarfs are just things with #scarfingwithrose which I haven’t quite completed yet.

Zero Plague Bearer &  Whedon Studies Assocition member!

This graduate’s hat was the meant more than anything to me, it is my bachelors with honours, that graduation cap I got for my English degree at UNE was the most important thing in my world. Actually it was eating the burger after it in full academic regalia while Gabe tried to kill me by being Darth Gubbs or something. Sorry about the scene in the cafeteria but I was starving. Those are long ceremonies man. Maybe I’ll be back one day for my post doc and show my potential to certain English professors for whom this hat had become an object in my life and theirs and a waste of potential in the system, but I’m not Neo. Though I will ever be grateful for the tutelage of Dr Liz Hale who took Buffy and pop culture English seriously, we were right with the MCU exploding to take on Joss! The scarft in zombie zero agent me is just one one my favourites.

Eventually my persona as Magdalena as an Ancient Greek or Byzantuim woman because face it, corsets hurt and I took on more veils and rarely found myself leave the house without a light weigh scarf. Me as a Greek heterae and at the Flinders Map Roon trying to find Montenegro for tourism before the plague…

Sexy Grrreek Me and Normal Me

Day 2: Fafrican

And this is where de-objectifying a piece of useful fabric under the hashtag courtesy of Jill began. #scarfingwithrose


I found when I looked Islamic (see below for pretty Islamic) and sick plague-carrier of the zombie apocalypse, I actually got more positive responses to the Farfican look than either middle-eastern looks or my hat at the Gaol’s blues where I do look trashed admittedly. The second day Fafrican look I look healthy thanks to Bronzer and my best fake smile. Hats and scarfs have remained objects through out world history but I think it’s time to remove them as societal entanglements and just see them as head accessories because we are in 2016 and they no longer carry the status symbol beyond a few occasions like they did or once did in a capitalised and globalised society in the present. Pop on to the Facebook page to get a daily review of how each scarf went down as I wore it all day around Adelaide. I have a few days left and let’s see if this blog changes any points of view or my perspective gets worse on how people behave towards me. ~ Rose Santilli





























Author: lonelyarchaeologist

I'm an archaeology grad student with an interest in gothic archaeology, tragedy tourism and dark sites. Most of my friends don't appreciate my interests so I've taken it into my own hands and I'm going I've established this blog to chronicle my solo adventures and hopefully give you a look behind the scenes at cultural heritage and the local arts.

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