The trick to the Lonely Adventure: Serendipity

imageUpdate: Luigi’s is Magnifico!

So today’s planned adventure was a planned tripped to a certain hazelnut event that turned out that if I went to it, I’d miss a Mozart performance by the Adelaide Wind Ochestra at the Baptist Church on Flinders Street, discovered once I hit the Victoria Square. So I was cold and in a bad mood, aimlessly wandering down Flinders Street looking for a coffee shop to redefine a new kind of cool with my new scarf obsession and English brekky tea from a bag (yeah those scarfs aren’t going anywhere!).

Then wandering through the abandoned glass and concrete forest, as any good urban fairytale waiting for a big bad wolf, instead , I met a magician of the name Luigi.  As I passed his little delicatessen, I was invited in by the cunning conjurer and had a lonely adventure because I am the lonely archaeologist! [I’ll be posting about the Mozart concert by the Adelaide Wind Ochestra tomorrow but right now it’s serendipity who owns the day.]

Let me tell you about Luigi, he is a master chef but he is also from Naples where cookery is not just a process but it is a form of theatre- but it’s more creative artistry than mere illusion. It is an old Italian proverb, the soul of the cook goes into to the baking and when the diner consumes the food, they take a little piece of the chef with them and a sad cook will drive you to weeping. There’s even an old movie I’m told on good authority. This magic process of food transcending it’s consumer eats it happens when Luigi cooks for you – you are special if he’s put it on a plate in front of you.  Luigi can take the ingredients of your personality and put them on a plate in front of you and they taste like the emotions you need to experience. At least for me it was eat, pray, love but with a better guru – Luigi is something of a larrikin with a ready smile, a sick sense of humour and excellent taste in music because Lionel Richie is cool! Really he is.

Luigi also has an uncanny ability to read people and what they need, and he puts that into their food and as I passed by lost,  (since Luigi’s Delicatessan is now open on Saturdays and I’ll be back hopefully sooner), he offered to create something unique for my character and tastes on my limited budget. I’ll keep my little piece or serendipity and magic to myself except he gave me a sense of home and place when I was tired of wandering on my own. I belong in the city lonely wandering.

Here’s some of the amazing photos I got of the delicatessen as a kitchen, a hearty, you feel Luigi welcomed you into a warm home in a big city and I’ll let the truly devoted fans read my short reviews on The Lonely Archaeologist Facebook page or my personal page but it’s like little Italy. Remember we are not just dealing with a chef in cooking a unique meal but a whole culinary performance with a genuinely good guy with the Italian-Aussie gift of the gab! Meet Luigi and the girls and yes they do good coffee I’m told.



~ Clara Rose


Author: lonelyarchaeologist

I'm an archaeology grad student with an interest in gothic archaeology, tragedy tourism and dark sites. Most of my friends don't appreciate my interests so I've taken it into my own hands and I'm going I've established this blog to chronicle my solo adventures and hopefully give you a look behind the scenes at cultural heritage and the local arts.

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