Guest Post: Cronut Cones

Hullo! Jana here again!

Cronut is a strange word… it’s the amalgamation of the word croissant and doughnut. Taking it to the next level and making cones out of them is some bizarre thinking. But fortunately for Lonely and myself the Bakery on O’Connell has provided the public with this crazy food experience.

The day got off to a strange start. Since it was the day that a local sports team was playing their fans were flocking and swarming towards the sports arena. This meant that they were on all the buses and trains and gathered in groups around bus and train stops. I was wearing grey and blue and very distinctly did not look like a sports fan. On top of the mass migration of sports fans the directions that Google had given me were inaccurate and tried to make me get off a few stops after the Bakery.

As far as I can tell the Bakery on O’Connell is very popular, especially at lunch time on a Saturday afternoon. There were people lined up everywhere! Lonely sent me out on a menu recon mission. Eventually I managed to locate a list of how the cronut cones were served. They came in a few flavours as seen below and were served with a choice of soft serve or whipping cream… I took a photo of the menu and brought it back to the table Lonely was fiercely guarding.


For whatever reason we both chose to have salted caramel cones topped with soft serve. So I went back and ordered two salted caramel cronut cones. Tada! I handed Lonely’s to her and we started attempting to eat them (with the obvious exception of quickly trying to take photos while my cone was melting).


It was the tallest cone ever. Maybe even about 30 centimetres tall. The salted caramel sauce dribbled from within the cone and coated my serviette. The soft serve started melting as soft serve does for no apparent reason. I wondered who invented this and why?

We ate fairly quickly because to be honest these cronut cones wanted to be with us forever… In way of dripping ice cream or caramel onto our clothes or hiding cinnamon and sugar in the strangest locations. The process of eating them was far from elegant. Lonely described the process as eating like a viking toddler. It was messy and essentially just a race again the cone. But it was a delicious, sugary race. One that I’d gladly try again better prepared.


We finished our cones and inspected the damage. Lonely had sugar on her eyebrow. I had a mix of salted caramel and sugar and cinnamon on my nose. I smelt like I had been pushed into a vat of liquid caramel.

After grabbing a mountain of serviettes and a cup of water to clean ourselves off. (Think blue whale in a birdbath… Not really enough water to feel sufficient but enough to move cinnamon and sugar.)

As we waited for the sugar rush to kick in, I saw a woman hand a young girl a cronut cone and thought ‘Man, that looks delicious but good luck, kid!’

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