All the sweet things: St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert, Glenelg

After all that burlesque over the weekend at Strip Strip Hooray and the ABF tour, I got pretty hungry on Friday and went to my regular café in Glenelg…

I love my crepes and cakes as much as anyone and the St Louis ice-creamery is possibly the best place to indulge your sweet tooth in Moseley Square before heading to the beach or tramming it home because you stuffed yourself full of dessert.

There is a wide variety of freshly made ice-cream in so many flavours I lost count and the churros are crispy and golden. My personal favourite are the freshly made crepes with lemon and blueberries though the chocolate with bananas are a loose second. There is also a wide range of cakes and other baked goods, including patisserie pastries and mini fancy cheesecakes.

The atmosphere is always quiet even when the cafe is busy and buzzing on a weekend morning and there is a private book nook in the corner that is extremely cosy on an artic winter’s day. But there’s competition for it as it’s the best seat in the house. I haven’t yet tried the coffee or hot selection of beverages at St Louis but I have seen and smelled it freshly ground and it’s tempting to this tea dueller. And it comes out looking superb every time I’ve visited.

The other perk of this venue is that it can take large parties at short notice and is child friendly. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. It’s a hard decision to choose cake when you see the delicious crepes at a place of quality desserts. Overall, I’ll go back to try the other bakery treats and ice-cream and I’d give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Clara Rose.


Author: lonelyarchaeologist

I'm an archaeology grad student with an interest in gothic archaeology, tragedy tourism and dark sites. Most of my friends don't appreciate my interests so I've taken it into my own hands and I'm going I've established this blog to chronicle my solo adventures and hopefully give you a look behind the scenes at cultural heritage and the local arts.

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