Dark Tourism: Why I love spooky visitations and that’s just Alison from Haunted Horizons! Also My Fringe picks for 2017!

We all know by now I’m quirky with some hobbies of acquired taste such as dark history tours and ghost hunting with Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons and there will be more paranormal investigation this year. I’m going to quickly mention there’s Valentine’s Day events at Z-Ward for something truly unique for 2017 -check out the website mentioned below for details. 

Adelaide Arcade, 2016.

And I realised that I never published my adventures last year (2016) with Alison and Kag from Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons dark history tour of the Adelaide Arcade. They are the only company that can give you access to the old abandoned Tea Room under the Adelaide Arcade! 

Alison O’Born setting up paranormal investigation equipment in the Old Tea Room beneath the Arcade.

Exciting archaeology feature: original gold gilt paint in tea room.
Table base in Adelaide Arcade Tea Room.
Internal or infernal stairs to the old Tea Room.

And since it’s been a year, I’m going to do it again and remember to take notes this time since they were Best Tour Operator for 2015 & 2016 in the S.A. Tourism Awards! And this year, maybe go hunting for spooks at Z-Ward if I can only get my friends to agree and book with Haunted Horizons on tel: 0407 715 866 after checking out their cool website that also offer tours of the Old Gaol (read about me as the time I was the ghost bait).


But there are some nifty events coming to Adelaide’s Fringe and here’s my top predictions if you enjoy the quirky, macabre and historical. 

Anya Anastasia’s Torte-e-Morte and Rogue Romantic. 

Anya Anastasia’s Rogue Romantic preview in 2016.

I saw Torte-e-Morte last year and thoroughly enjoyed the life and undeath of Marie-Antoinette with her blend of historical humour and black comedy. Then I was lucky enough to preview Anya Anastasia’s Rogue Romantic (you’ll have seen her on a bus, train or train around Adelaide somewhere in the last year). She is a powerhouse in the international and Australian Fringe festival scenes and not only performing her own shows, she is cultivating talent by co-ordinating the entertainment at Stirling Laneways and check out the venue she helped create, Henrietta’s for the Adelaide Fringe (one week to go). I have tickets to both of her performances for this year! 

Check out her website: <http://anyaanastasia.com/&gt;

Sound & Fury 

Sound and Fury performing Sherlock Holmes (picture used kindly with permission of Patrick Hercamp, 2017).

After years riotous Lord of the Thrones, US vaudeville comedy act, Sound & Fury, return with Sherlock Holmes. The thing to know about these guys is that anything goes with their blend of geeky satire and improvised comedy at the Tandanya Cafe, a venue I cannot recommend highly enough for pre- and post-show socialising. 

I’m also recommending here Patrick Hercamp’s solo performance, Half Hour Hamlet, because it is a pithy and delightful exposition of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Patrick is like quicksilver and the play is an engrossing half an hour of something I dreaded studying during my school days. I can sincerely say I have a greater appreciation of the original Hamlet as a result of Jeff McLane’s clever writing and direction at one of the Bard’s most complex and potentially dreary works. This play was selected as Mensa’s selection for the Perth Fringe and Patrick has been nominated for Best Theatre Award in Perth! 

Patrick Hercamp and myself after Half Hour Hamlet at the Producer’s in 2016.
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Night Tour: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem Night Tour at West Terrace Cemetery. 

This is I show I’m planning on catching since going on a night tour of West Terrace Cemetery in 2014 as part of research for a tourism subject at university. Like the paranormal investigation and ghost hunts, cemeteries are dark sites historically and for those interested in dark tourism, West Terrace Cemetery is a major destination and is an eerie and compelling venue in the darkness. The previous tours I attended were professionally produced and the history is faithfully recorded. See you there? 


All pictures (other than those used with special permission) are copyright C. Santilli, 2017.