Unfringed: The Paroxysm Middle Finger to Fringe Festivals!

UNFRINGED: Spoke’N’Slurred -The Middle Finger Gigs.

The Middle Finger Gigs – Spoke ‘N’ Slurred on Thursdays (27th February, 5th March & 12th March 2020) at the Broadcast Bar, 66A Grote Street, CBD.

Spoke ‘N’ Slurred has become notorious in Adelaide’s spoken word community as being a messy gig with a feature and anything goes on the last Sunday of the month. In the arts community there is always a subversive element and the punk kings of Radelaide have entirely bought out of the Fringe Festival and Paroxysm Press are giving it the middle finger, hence the relocation of Spoke’N’Slurred to Thursday nights during the month of Fringe. The Broadcast Bar is one of Adelaide’s hidden and delightfully retro gems nestled up a steep staircase at the top of Grote Street.

I’m assumed to be a bit too glittery and cheesy for something so rock’n’roll but anyone is welcome at Spoke’N’Slurred, the outcasts and the prom queens. Last week’s features were Tom Cassidy and Matthew Neild, both wild cards of the wildly success Summer Slam event. There’s also an open-mic for the game to try out experimental poetry.

Tom Cassidy is an earnest young poet still setting out about finding his own style in the spoken word and he is uplifting as he proves to write poetry you just need a passion and the bravery to give it a go!

Tom Cassidy

Matthew Neild is a future master wordsmith and it’s clear he is an up-and-coming voice, a bit rough but clear diamonds in the mix too! A cameo set by the reigning queen of Paroxysm Press, Kerryn Tredrea, proved why Paroxysm is still standing strong in the indy publishing movement.

Matthew Neild

Next week’s feature is the ever-delightful Nadia Patterson bringing some star power to the Broadcast Bar.

All that jazz, 3.5 stars.

Clara Santilli, not reviewing but neurotic, glitter-covered, sleep deprived mess.

Author: lonelyarchaeologist

I'm an archaeology grad student with an interest in archaeology, tourism, history, deep into geekdom and the arts. I’ve got an honours degree in literature and have grown up performing in various creative arts that has given me an intimate understanding of the industry and of artistry. This is my fourth year as a Fringe reviewer and I’m a trusted, respected critic in the network of performers I review. I volunteer as an Adelaide Fringe Accessibility champion and have been know to as an artist liaison and support when requested.

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